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Misalignment in your jaws and teeth can lead to negative impacts on the health and appearance of your smile. Fortunately, corrective jaw surgery can address many problems that occur as a result of malocclusion. For individuals who require jaw surgery Dr. Bryan McLelland can perform the procedure using the latest in dental technology.


The most common reason for seeking corrective surgery of the jaw is to address misalignment or a bad bite. Uneven teeth often occur as a result of malocclusion, or a misaligned bite.

Along with uneven teeth, patients with malocclusion may also experience:

  • Excessive wear on the teeth, including chips and cracks that eventually lead to tooth loss and dentures
  • A jaw that recedes or protrudes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Difficult chewing or swallowing
  • TMJ disorder or bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Jaw pain

Malocclusion can be the result of birth defects or facial trauma. Patients with these issues may need surgery if orthodontics isn’t enough to correct malocclusion. At Liberty Oral Surgery, Dr. McLelland has the skills and experience necessary to perform oral surgery and correct your jaw issues.


After examining your jaw, including employing advanced radiograph technology, Dr. McLelland will decide which type of jaw surgery will best address your malocclusion. We offer both anesthetic and sedation dentistry to ensure you remain comfortable during the procedure. Once the surgery has been completed, Dr. McLelland will provide detailed aftercare information and will schedule follow-up visits. Common examples of corrective jaw procedures include:

  • Open Bite Surgery: This procedure repairs an open bite, in which the patient has difficult closing their mouth or the front teeth don’t meet. A small potion of the upper jaw is removed and the jaw secured, allowing an even, comfortable bite.
  • Weak Chin Surgery: To correct a weak or receding chin, Dr. McLelland modifies the jaw so it moves forward and provides a stronger chin and corrects malocclusion.
  • Protruding Jaw Surgery: To move the jaw back to an optimal position, Dr. McLelland carefully alters the front portion of the lower jaw. This moves the lower jaw back and provides a more attractive smile.

If you have any questions or concerns about corrective jaw surgery, please contact our office today.


At Liberty Oral Surgery we can take your picture and radiograph and morph the face essentially doing virtual jaw surgery giving you a sneak peak on what the facial changes will look like. Many patients find this helpful to know not only that their bite will be corrected but that they will have positive, esthetic sometimes life changing changes in their appearance.

You can trust Spokane and Post Falls oral surgeon Dr. Bryan McLelland to perform your jaw surgery with skill and expertise.

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